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TEREZÍN – out of Prague tour
(5 hours)


Many big tours/companies only go to the Small Fortress (prison) and The Ghetto Museum at Terezín.

What I do to help my clients understand more about the 20th century and how it came about that the town of Terezín was chosen to be a ghetto and prison and I also especially want my clients to see the real authentic places: the town where the Jews were forced to live under Hitler's regime, barracks with an impressive collection of paintings - the art was used in Terezín as symbolic fight again the Nazis and several paintings were found after the war - now being exhibited at Terezín (and also partly at Pinkas Synagogue in Prague), The Morque, The Cemetery, the wonderful hidden gem of the Synagogue or Place of Prayer where the Jews practiced their religion, remains of the old railway built by prisoners. Terezín shows the real effects of the Holocaust.

We will visit the Fortress which was used as a jail for all those who disagreed with the Nazis and is a 2nd World War memorial. 

This private tour takes approx. 5 hours.

The tour and price includes: private luxury Mercedes car, English-speaking driver, Andrea's personal service, all entrance fees;

Sights include: Terezín town – Magdeburk barracks, walk thru the town, old railroad, The Morque, Columbarium, The Cemetery, Hidden gem-synagogue, main square, Small Fortress + cemetery.

590 USD for 1-2 people.

690 USD  for 3-4 people.

800 USD for 5-6 people.

The price always includes:

  • My private exclusive tour guide service

  • 20 years of fully qualified experience in guiding

  • Email or what's app communication with clients ascertaining their specific individual needs and interests

  • My local and independent recommendations, advice (culture, museums, music/concerts, current exhibitions but also the best options for food & drink, local pubs, bars etc.)

  • Booking of any restaurant/bar/pub according to the client's wishes

  • Search for any specific events, sights of particular interest

  • Design of any tour package based on background or interest



After booking and final confirmation, I kindly ask my client to pay
a Paypal invoice I send. Tour is paid ahead via Paypal.

Cancellation: 8 week +: 50% return; less than 8 weeks: no return. Any additional charges appearing during the confirmed program must be paid up front by the guest such as public transportation ticket fees, entrance fees, food and drinks, etc.

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