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(2,5 hours)


The tour offers the Jewish town and Museum both inside and around outside with full information regarding its 1000 year-old Jewish heritage - historically, architecturally and culturally. Fully qualified, licensed and competent guide Andrea. 

The tour includes: Prague Jewish Museum (interiors) – the Old Jewish Cemetery, The Old-New Synagogue, The Pinkas synagogue, The Spanish synagogue, Jewish town streets


Total time: 2,5hrs


The price always includes:

  • My private exclusive tour guide service

  • 20 years of fully qualified experience in guiding

  • Email or what's app communication with clients ascertaining their specific individual needs and interests

  • My local and independent recommendations, advice (culture, museums, music/concerts, current exhibitions but also the best options for food & drink, local pubs, bars etc.)

  • Booking of any restaurant/bar/pub according to the client's wishes

  • Search for any specific events, sights of particular interest

  • Design of any tour package based on background or interest


170 USD for 1-2 people.

250  USD  for 3-4 people.

290 USD for 5-6 people.



After booking and final confirmation, I kindly ask my client to pay
a Paypal invoice I send. Tour is paid ahead via Paypal.

Cancellation: 8 week +: 50% return; less than 8 weeks: no return. Any additional charges appearing during the confirmed program must be paid up front by the guest such as public transportation ticket fees, entrance fees, food and drinks, etc.



No entrance fees are included. The majority of sites have free entry or are low-cost.

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