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Hi, I'm Andrea

I am a typical Praguer raised among medieval architecture, culture and history. I have been working as a guide for English-speaking clients for over twenty years in our beautiful city and the surroundings. I love leading tours and spending time with my clients, exploring the city and chatting in cafes and pubs.

400 USD for 1-2 people | 500 USD for 3-4 people | 600 USD for 5-6 people.

During two half-day tours you can see and experience the whole of the historical centre including the main sights and also few hidden sights. 

This is my top recommendation for clients who really want to see & experience the city and learn more about our culture and history. The tour is ideal for clients who really want to discover the city, a great balance of history, architecture and culture with a local guide; the perfect option is for two mornings.

The tour includes: The area around Prague Castle and the Cathedral of St. Vitus, The Little Quarter, Charles Bridge, The Old Town square with the famous Astronomical Clock and the Old Town streets, the Jewish Town and the New Town square named after king Wenceslas. 


170 USD (1-2 people), 250 USD (3-4 people), 290 USD (5-6 people)

Thanks to the orientation tour you can save both money and time in Prague for other things and really enjoy the city!

The tour will help you to get to know some basic facts regarding the city, its history and I will gladly answer any of your questions. Let's have a little walk around the historical centre to get more familiar with the location. I will gladly share recommendations for other points of interest. 

170 USD (1-2 people), 250 USD (3-4 people), 290 USD (5-6 people)

The tour offers the Jewish town and Museum both inside and around outside with full information regarding its 1000 year-old Jewish heritage - historically, architecturally and culturally. Fully qualified, licensed and competent guide Andrea. 

The tour includes: The Old-New Synagogue, Prague Jewish Museum (interiors) – the Old Jewish Cemetery, The Pinkas synagogue, The Spanish synagogue, Jewish town streets. 


170 USD (1-2 people), 250 USD (3-4 people), 290 USD (5-6 people)

The tour is a great chance to learn more about the highly vibrant 20th century in Czechoslovakia. A truly fascinating combination of kingdom, protectorate and the Second World War, socialism and communism, the Velvet Revolution, democracy but also the Velvet divorce with Slovakia and current situation. The tour includes a stop for a coffee/beer/snack and talk about the lifestyle.


The tour is less walking more talking:)

The tour includes: Republic Square, and the art nouveau Municipal house where Czechoslovakia was founded in 1918, the street Na Příkopě and Wenceslas Square which witnessed the Nazi occupation in 1938 and also the Soviet occupation in 1968, New Town passages and National street became famous not only because of the National theatre – a symbol of Czech patriotism, but also because it witnessed the Velvet Revolution in 1989 which helped to end the communist regime. We will talk about the Velvet divorce with Slovakia and about the whole transition which led to the fact that Prague is one of the most visited and modern European cities. The tour includes a stop for a coffee/beer/snack and talk about the lifestyle.

170 USD (1-2 people), 250 USD (3-4 people), 290 USD (5-6 people)

Enjoy Prague thru the eyes of its traditional cafés! 

Would you believe there are still a few which opened 100 years ago?  Let's stop at one of those places for a coffee and slice of delicious cake where Einstein and Kafka used to go, or to a little espresso bar where we can talk about Czech culture, customs, traditions and the whole transition from communism to democracy.


This time, Starbucks is excluded for obvious reasons! ;)


The tour includes: a walk thru the Old town and New town streets and traditional cafés and local places. Chosen upon specification with clients.


590 USD for 1-2 people / 690 USD for 3-4 people / 800 USD for 5-6 people

Many big tours/companies only go to the Small Fortress (prison) and The Ghetto Museum at Terezín. What I do to help my clients understand more about the 20th century and how it came about that the town of Terezín was chosen to be a ghetto and prison and I also especially want my clients to see the real authentic places: the town where the Jews were forced to live under Hitler's regime, barracks with an impressive collection of paintings - the art was used in Terezín as symbolic fight again the Nazis and several paintings were found after the war - now being exhibited at Terezín (and also partly at Pinkas Synagogue in Prague), The Morque, The Cemetery, the wonderful hidden gem of the Synagogue or Place of Prayer where the Jews practiced their religion, remains of the old railway built by prisoners. 

Terezín shows the real effects of the Holocaust.

We will visit the Fortress which was used as a jail for all those who disagreed with the Nazis and is a 2nd World War memorial. 


The tour includes: Private luxury Mercedes car, English-speaking driver, Andrea's personal service, all entrance fees.

Just must write to say that Andrea Reznickova is the way to get "the best of Prague!" We are independent travelers who want the best value experience. Andrea delivers and shows you the special city that has so much to offer. Go for it!



My Prague Tours - Vencelas sq. Prague
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